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Getting back on this blog

I think it is about time I start to use this blog again...

for the moment, I just want to point any readers to our gumroad store
I will be switching all my business to gumroad as our site's technology is outdated. We had a scare recently as the server we are on was hacked (there was no effect on ganesha, and our databases were not affected, but we lost a lot of time and had to disable certain parts of the site for extra security).

So the new ganesha games will continue using our current vendors (drivethru, lulu, createspace etc), we will use gumroad as our official storefront, and will use this blog for announcements of new products, playtesting, freebies, and sneak previews. The old site will redirect to the gumroad store.

Speaking of sneak previews, this is a cover I just painted for an upcoming Four Against the Darkness adventure.

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