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I will be leaving for a vacation soon (well, not a complete vacation, I will be bringing my ipad with me to do some art and write). I will also be working on something not game-related.

 I will be back in the office on August 1st, so no physical goods will be shipped until I return.

Meanwhile, Man-Eater (the first multiplayer adventure for Four Against Darkness) is at #1 on Lulu in the gaming section. You may get the print booklet here or you may get the PDF here

Here is a blurb:

Guildmaster Evos is wounded, his bodyguard beheaded by a ferocious man-tiger creature that ran away. The monster is hiding into the Forest of Thraa -- an area of woods dotted by ivy-covered ancient ruins. Thraa, where once a proud town stood -- a town that was destroyed by a vengeful druid cult.
Find the beast!” yells Evos, clutching his bleeding neck. “I will pay three hundred golden crowns to the first adventurer who brings me back its head!
This adventure for Four Against Darkness may be played by 1 to 4 players, in solo or cooperative mode, with all adventurers moving independently on a hex map.
 A black and white map is in the book, and a larger, full color map that can be printed up to A3 size is included in the download, for those who want to use miniatures or paper figures to represent their characters' position.


Getting back on this blog

I think it is about time I start to use this blog again...

for the moment, I just want to point any readers to our gumroad store
I will be switching all my business to gumroad as our site's technology is outdated. We had a scare recently as the server we are on was hacked (there was no effect on ganesha, and our databases were not affected, but we lost a lot of time and had to disable certain parts of the site for extra security).

So the new ganesha games will continue using our current vendors (drivethru, lulu, createspace etc), we will use gumroad as our official storefront, and will use this blog for announcements of new products, playtesting, freebies, and sneak previews. The old site will redirect to the gumroad store.

Speaking of sneak previews, this is a cover I just painted for an upcoming Four Against the Darkness adventure.