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Fight for Queen, Country, and Honey!

Song of Fur and Buttons is a campaign sourcebook for the Origins-nominated Song of Blades and Heroes miniature rules.

The book follows the exploits of three adventurous teddy bears, Sir Maurice Fursworth, Sir William Cuddlesbury and Sir Uppity Paws.

Fight and race Dinosaurs, form alliances with the Kermitians, swashbuckle with pirate teddies and fight against the evil Picnic Bear / Terrashell armies, in a quest to save your friends.

Twelve very unique and challenging scenarios to play through, all of which can be replayed with your own figures.

Great for parent/child gaming, or for big kids with big imaginations,Song of Fur and Buttons is an engaging, interactive bedtime story. Read a chapter and then play the scenario to see what happens. Just remember, no one ever dies: a bit of stuffing and a sewing kit and your heroes are back on the battlefield in no time.

The original Song of Blades and Heroes Rulebook is required to play this game. To fully enjoy this book, ownership of the previous supplements Song of Gold and Darkness and Song of Wind and Water is recommended.

Based on a miniature line by Eureka Miniatures. Full color photographs.

The pdf is available for $8 on wargamevault at the link above.